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The Judas Perspective

From the View of the Damned

What has bothered me for quite some time, is that purported spiritual and faithful religious believers and followers are teaching our children, our communities, and others around us that are influenced by or have an influence on our daily interactions to hate. Yes, we are teaching hate and making that practice acceptable even in the canonical liturgy used for centuries in revered places of worship. We still have a duty to those who emulate our behavior to set moral standards, and that is a responsibility we should hold true, and remember through this article and beyond. These idealistic conceptions, and formulations of moral duty, both individual and communal, have a serious impact. If abused, that damage will take many generations to unlearn. What should concern us more is the answer to the question, why do we ingrain stories of eternal hatred? I can hear the protests already that this cannot be true. Tell that to Judas Iscariot.

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Malette Civil War Diaries

The Brothers Malette are great-great relatives of the Jacques family. Their transcribed journals have been part of our family history for generations and it is time their story is made available to everyone, offering a personal glimpse into the lives of Union Soldiers from the opening of the campaign in the spring of 1864 to the surrender of Lee at Appomattox, and the disbanding of the army in 1865.

Daily Choices Journal

A Four Week Journey Toward Living a Life That YOU Love

Wanting to become more productive? Feel more fulfilment? Act more in alignment with your dreams? This journal streamlines your daily practice of creating a clear pathway toward these end results. Meddy and Jeff, through the work and wisdom of Chris Duncan (Magnetic Mind: Consciousness Education), have personally experienced the benefits of spending just a few minutes a day considering these easy to follow prompts. We are excited to share these processes and techniques so that in just 4 weeks, you create a healthy habit and commit to the choices of: Living the Life YOU Love, Being the Predominant Creator in YOUR Life, Having Health AND Vitality, and Living In YOUR True Nature and Purpose.

Walking beside you daily, Meddy and Jeff offer you the keys that unlock the door to your incredible potential. Step by step, you will learn about the most crucial person in your world - YOU. With your permission, Meddy and Jeff help you realize your true choices, ushering you toward a life that YOU love.

The Gospel of the Long Walk

A Novella to Make You Rethink the Story of a Prohet

Co-Authored with Rev. Meddy Jacques

Many celebrate the beginning of this story and most know how it ends… but we were told the middle didn’t matter. What if eighteen years of your life were silenced? What if men grasping for power – or driven by greed – only revealed part of the rest of the story? What if the mere mention of your name was synonymous with acts of betrayal? How would your life be recorded by men who feared losing their dominance over women and viewed children as meddling demons who would steal their inheritance? 

We only know a fraction of the legend, yet scores of people are searching for the answers that speak to their heart. They have told us for centuries that the middle of the story doesn’t matter. Shouldn’t that be your choice?

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