Areas of Specialty: Existential Phenomenology of Mindfulness, Philosophy of Mind (Mind-Body Theory). Consciousness

Areas of Interest: 4E Cognition/Integrated Information Theory, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Religion, and Socio-Political Philosophy

My undergraduate research at the SUNY College at Oswego, and with Albany’s philosophy graduate program, was structured around a life-long interest in consciousness, specifically the human phenomenological interaction with our world and how those elements shape our lives. Now an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College, I am also sharing the history of philosophy with a new generation. By understanding the varying philosophical approaches to life, also being a 21-year paralegal and interfaith minister since 2008, one can only deepen the instruction and knowledge offered to students.

Miami Dade College

Starting Spring 2023 ~ Honors Certified 

Classes taught at Miami Dade College through MDC Live:

Current Projects

Mind & the World

Introduction to Metaphysics & Epistemology

Current Project with Dr. Ron McClamrock 

A comprehensive textbook designed as a companion to undergraduate courses on the philosophical perspectives of metaphysics and epistemology from the stance of one’s interaction of the mind and their everyday world. 

Unintelligibility of Interaction Was Descartes Not a Dualist? 

This paper reconsiders Descartes’ profound meditations with other applicable areas of Descartes’ corpus, reclassifying the nature of Cartesian consciousness and existence within a trialist framework of his entire philosophical discourse.

Merleau-Pontian Conception of Mindfulness

Current project with Dr. Ron McClamrock, Ph.D.

An independent study that investigates advanced aspects of 4E cognition through an existential-phenomenological survey of historical and contemporary authors focusing on a phenomenological concept of “mindfulness.”

Ongoing Projects

Mr. J's Folk Philosophy

The world of academic philosophy has become clogged and stagnant with high-brow language and theory that keeps philosophy from those who desperately need it - EVERYONE. 

Mr. J's Folk Philosophy will take many forms, but will be available to everyone in some form: Podcasts, Articles, Classes online, and more...

Phenomenology of Fear & Anxiety: What We Can Learn

This paper recasts the role of anxiety and fear by phenomenologically examining the multifaceted aspect of intentionality contained within an anxious and fearful experience. 

Religious Conversion: A Phenomenal Curiosity

To motivate a conceptual analysis, this paper will provide historical examples that purport to describe religious conversion that do not provide adequate accounts of the phenomenon of spiritual conversion.