Shhh...You now have the honor and responsibility of keeping the

Secret of Santa (SoS)...

Now You Know!

You have found this site because of the kindness of others. They wanted you to know and share in the Secret of Santa (SoS). You may see Mr. C out during your normal days, yet the SoS resides inside of each of us. 

Share your story with others so joy, hope, and cheer can be spread throughout the world.

If you believe, you will see!


Mr. C (aka Santa Claus) is available for visits nearly all year long, but especially during the Season of Lights in November and December.

Email us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mr. C

Definitely! Email us for more information and rates.

Gladly! Mr. C. LOVES visiting the kids (of all ages) in their homes. Sometimes this is easier for the young ones than it is out in public.

For sure! Contact us to schedule a sleigh stop when it's best for your administration (if they're on the nice list).

Oh, my! Taking family pics and selfies with the kids is one of his favorite things.

Mr. C will respect any tradition that honors joy, hope, love, and peace. However, please check with your leadership first for approval.