Curriculum Vitae

Having been someone who has worn many professional hats in fifty-plus years, I have multiple context-specific curriculum vitae available depending on specific industries. This site is a visual alternative to the traditional printed form CV. Those versions are still available upon request and for download by clicking on the respective button for that CV. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


AOS: Existential Phenomenology; Philosophy of Mind

AOC: Philosophy of Law; Sociopolitical Philosophy

My undergraduate research at the SUNY College at Oswego, and with Albany’s philosophy graduate program, was structured around a life-long interest in consciousness, specifically the human phenomenological interaction with our world and how those elements shape our lives. Now an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College, I am also sharing the history of philosophy with a new generation. By understanding the varying philosophical approaches to life, also being a 21-year paralegal and interfaith minister since 2008, one can only deepen the instruction and knowledge offered to students.


AOS: Post-Secondary; Secondary

AOC: NYS High School, International Baccalaureate

Three core aspects have become clear to lasting learning: Respect (for self and others), Attitude (in learning and action), and Understanding (of life and others). Combining these skills and interdisciplinary readings in the classroom develops rational argumentative skills. Assigning contrasting viewpoints on controversial topics for students to defend, especially when it challenges their own beliefs, enhances argumentative skills yet also contributes to a broader perspective of appreciating differing points of view.


AOS: Philosophy of Law; Wills, Trusts, & Estates;Matrimonial; Family

AOC: Criminal; Civil & Appellate Litigation

My Associates in Paralegal Studies at Finger Lakes Community College included a broad yet detailed survey in the academic knowledge, pragmatic application, and philosophical tenets over the gambit of legal specialties, including criminal law. In addition, I had an increased course load on the administration of trusts and estates, including probate and voluntary administration procedures. While practicing as a New York paralegal for twenty-one years, I have been involved in cases involving multiple states, including Florida and California. To elevate my legal education to a higher level, I decided to continue my education in Philosophy.