Study Music

There is significant research behind the beneficial effects of music on studying and learning. Here are some YouTube links to some of my favorite hemi-sync, binaural, and isochronic study aids. Of course, use any music you wish, yet there is sub-audible elements in these that will aid your assimilation, concentration, and learning.

Directed Learning Music

Play any of the videos below for frequency designed learning aids to your studying. Anything that is labeled "binaural" should be listened to with headphones in the ears. They work REALLY well with noise-cancelling headphones. Let me know which ones work for you the best!

Super Intelligence

Music to improve Memory and Concentration with Binaural Beats

Accelerated Learning

Gamma Waves for Focus, Memory, Concentration - Binaural Beats

ADD & ADHD Study Music

Dual Hemispheric Stimulation - Brainwave Entrainment (Isochronic Tones)

High Focus

Gamma brainwaves Focus at Work or Study NOT Hemisync but Hemispheric synchronization

Cognition Enhancer

432hz Cognition Enhancer; Deep Alpha Binaural Beats; Deep Concentration, Focus & Meditation Music

Focus & Creativity

Creative Thinking, Visualization & Problem Solving - Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones


Hemispheric Synchronization; Increase Brainwaves

Quantum Focus

Increase Focus, Concentration, Memory - Binaural Beats

Super Learning and Memory

2 Hours of Alpha BiNaural Beats for Study, Focus, Memory

Study Aid

Dual Isochronic Tones & Study Music

Quadible Integrity

Left/Right Brain Hemispheric Synchronization Formula

Hemispheric Synchronization

Binaural Beats

General Background Studying

For general background study music, I suggest something like any of the lo-fi (low-fidelity), no lyrics selections you can find on YouTube, like:

LIVE Lofi Hip-Hop Daytime

LIVE Lofi Hip-Hop Nighttime

Coffee House Chill-Hop