Family Law

Relationships are difficult to manage, and sometimes they breakdown. When it comes to the law surrounding rights and responsibilities over children involved in those separations, the Family Court steps in when those rights and responsibilities are in dispute or violated.

Child Custody

$25 per doc/$20 per hour

Child custody is intended to neither be a game of who's the better parent, nor a determination of the better parent.

Custody of the child is a determination of the better opportunity for the child to thrive; and that may not be with either parent. If situations are equal, custody is likely shared equally.

If appropriately managed, violations are rare. Most likely is a modification of custody due to life changes.

Child Support

$25 per doc/$20 per hour

Child support is financial support FOR THE CARE OF A CHILD. It is also not intended to impoverish the parent/guardian.

NYS has set guidelines based on the amount of children in the household. As with Child Support, navigating the paperwork may be confusing

Also, if appropriately managed, violations are rare. Mostly violations are modifications similar to Custody modifications.

NYS D.I.Y. Forms

If you wish to use the NYS Court website for assistance, please be aware that it only drafts the documents based on the information you input. Knowing what information to put where is what a Paralegal can do for you.