Real Estate

$150 per closing


Determined by Bank

Signature Closings

If you are a busy law office, and need someone to attend a closing for you, we can send someone to witness signatures and exchange documents for you.

Sometimes large mortgage companies will send someone, even to a borrower's home, to witness the signing of bank documents.

Let us help you with that.

$125 per Deed

(filing fees are your responsibility)

Deed Transfers

Deed transfers are involved in Estate Planning and for other reasons. They require certain information in the different forms, and also need certain NYS Forms that also need to be filed with the Deed. I can help fill in those forms for you. I will need the following: current deed with property description and a current tax bill.

$50 per document

(filing fees are your responsibility)

Leases and Contracts

If you're a landlord and need the most up-to-date and tightly worded Lease for an apartment, land, or commercial property, I have the forms.